Advisor: Ken Irwin

After many years of hanging out with some pretty wonderful cavers, I'm finally spending some time with them underground. I've enjoyed hiking, camping, and rock climbing for years and caving offers similar thrills in an entirely new environment. My favorite cave (so far) is Fern Cave in Carter County, Kentucky. It was my introduction to belly crawls and tight passages and I love the shapes of the cave walls. In addition to being the WUSS advisor, I'm also the advisor to Wittenberg's Outdoors Club. In my copious spare time, I'm one of Witt's reference librarians, specializing in the arts and humanities. I will dance at the drop of a hat. Any hat.

President: Brandon Miner

Hey Everybody! I am Brandon Miner, a senior here at Wittenberg majoring in biochemistry/ molecular biology with a pre-med focus planning to graduate in 2017. I am from Fairfield, just north of Cincinnati and graduated from Fairfield High School in 2013. I have one younger brother and when I am home I help with our small business of breeding and selling tropical fish. During the summer, I fire and operate antique steam engines with my grandfather. I only started caving this last year and when I heard about this club from a good friend of the president I joined to see what its about. Since I first went underground I have enjoyed every minute of it. My favorite caving activity is long tight passages through the mud and vertical rappels into pits and caves as well as awesome water passages. Nothing can beat the moment that everyone turns off their lights and your mind starts to imagine where the walls are, how high the celling is and where the people around you are sitting. The thought that you are one of a handful that has ever seen this part or have went that far into a cave makes me want to see everything I can. To have a favorite cave is hard to say because there are many caves that are cool for all different reasons but one of my favorites will be Sloan’s Cave in Kentucky. Anybody can go caving so if you have ever thought that you might want to try it out like I did go ahead and say “I’m going on an adventure!”

Vice President/Treasurer: John Kolberg

Yo! My name is John Kolberg, and I am a Junior at Wittenberg. I am a Geology major with a Music minor, and I have been caving since fall of my freshman year at Witt. I am a huge fan of the outdoors, especially during spring, summer, fall, and winter. I spent some time in Summer 2016 researching Ohio Caverns, which is about 40 minutes north of Springfield. Check it out!

Secretary/Media Manager: Barbara Lafranzo

Hi! My name is Barbara Lafranzo, I am currently a Junior at Wittenberg, majoring in Chemistry. I have been interested in caving since I was first introduced to the idea at the beginning of my freshman year, and I’ve since grown to love it. My favorite type of passage is a canyon passage, though I wouldn’t say no to a belly crawl. I’m from northern Illinois, which sadly doesn’t have much of any cave activity, but that doesn’t stop me from climbing in random holes in the ground and hoping they go somewhere! (Usually they just lead to mud, and occasionally small mammals).