Advisor: Ken Irwin

After many years of hanging out with some pretty wonderful cavers, I'm finally spending some time with them underground. I've enjoyed hiking, camping, and rock climbing for years and caving offers similar thrills in an entirely new environment. My favorite cave (so far) is Fern Cave in Carter County, Kentucky. It was my introduction to belly crawls and tight passages and I love the shapes of the cave walls. In addition to being the WUSS advisor, I'm also the advisor to Wittenberg's Outdoors Club. In my copious spare time, I'm one of Witt's reference librarians, specializing in the arts and humanities. I will dance at the drop of a hat. Any hat.

President: Devon Ison

Vice President: Christina Thompson

I'm Christina! I'm double majoring in piano performance and chemistry, and my goal is to work in the pharmaceutical industry. I got into caving my freshman year, because I love spending time outdoors. I fell in love because caving always gives me the opportunity to push my limits in the best way!

Secretary: Rachel Boyette

Treasurer: Emily Brosier

Media Manager: Kimmy Wiggins