Who are the WUSSes?


Here are the answers to common questions about our grotto.

What is Wittenberg University Speleological Society?
Wittenberg University Speleological Society, known around campus as the Caving Club and around town as WUSS, is a student-run grotto of the National Speleological Society. We formed in 1977 and received our charter in 1980. WUSS is funded by Wittenberg's student senate.
Where are meetings held, and when?
Meetings are held every Wednesday at 7:00pm during the school year, in room 319 of the Barbara Deer Kuss Science Center (at the intersection of Plum and Bill Edwards, Wittenberg University, Springfield OH). Business lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, and we always go out to eat afterwards.
Who can become a member?
Anyone can become a WUSS! We welcome anyone with a slight interest in caves or cavers.
Can I join if I've never caved before? What if I want to learn to do X?
Novices are welcome. It's where we all started, you know. WUSS provides plenty of opportunities to get underground, and our officers will teach safe and soft caving techniques. Throughout the year, WUSS has vertical sessions, surveying clinics, and speakers on a variety of topics. If you'd like to learn about something in particular, let us know- we'll probably be able to arrange a session on it.
How much are dues?
Dues are $15 per semester. The price includes a subscription to our journal, Pholeos, gear rental, transportation on trips, most meals, and friends.
What do WUSSes do?
WUSSes do whatever they want. :) In general, though, we are a research oriented grotto, with frequent forays into the wide world of photography, vertical caving, and conservation. At any given time, we have 3 or more open surveys, a couple of long-running projects directed by the obsessed, and a movie playing in the background. Sometimes we even have fun while we're at it.
Where does WUSS cave?
WUSS has caved all over the world. (In 2005, the club went on a sponsored trip to Japan. Whoo!) We're content to stay close to home most of the time, though. Our pet caving area is Carter Caves State Resort Park in Kentucky, where we've been working for almost 30 years. WUSS frequently takes trips to Indiana, other parts of Ohio, West Virginia, and the TAG region.
Where can I find upcoming trips?
You can find trips on our swank Calendar page. We try to keep it current, but if you want to double check on a specific trip, you can email one of our officers.
Does WUSS attend any events?
WUSS has been spotted at Old Timer's Reunion, Crawl-a-thon, Winter Adventure Weekend, the NSS Convention, Karst-O-Rama, TAG Fall Cave-In, and YTR. We're willing to attend other things, too, so let us know if you'd like us to come to your event.
What is Pholeos?
Pholeos is WUSS's scientific journal, which we publish semiannually. It is sent to grottos and private individuals all over the world.
Wait. I thought spelunkers explored caves.
Eech. They do. Both cavers and spelunkers explore caves, but it's a question of connotation. Within the community, 'spelunker' is a term for anyone who explores without consideration or respect for the cave, its formations, and its inhabitants.
I have another question.
Feel free to email us! You can find our addresses on the Contact Us page.